About Me

My Background and Experience:

Caroline Glason Yoga IpswichI trained to teach yoga for 4 years through the British Wheel of Yoga, the National Governing Body for yoga in the UK.  I am listed on the British Wheel of Yoga website for East Anglia.

I have a wide experience of teaching yoga to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities including adults with learning difficulties,  addictions and people with a range of conditions affecting physical and mental health.  I completed specialist training in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs  and have taught chair- based yoga including in care homes.

I teach classes and also private groups and 121.

Teaching qualifications:

I am a trained teacher with a PGCE (secondary) and level 5 qualification in teaching adults, with extensive experience of teaching in schools and adult education. I have taught courses in Managing Stress and Developing Confidence and have worked as a careers adviser with teenagers and adults.

Additional Training:

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB):

I successfully completed specialist training in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (2013) updated in December 2017.

I am passionate about Yoga and constantly reviewing and developing my practice and teaching so that I can teach safely, in a way that increases people’s well being.

I have completed  meditation training with the Dru School of Yoga

I have recently completed professional development training in

Yoga and the Power of Sound and Vibration with Swami Sayadaya

Strength in Asana with Zoe Knott -the importance of developing physical strength through yoga

An Introduction to and Overview of the body systems with Mary Mackie, including practices for stress related conditions

Yoga for Athletes including tailoring yoga practices to sportsmen and women such as cyclists, runners and swimmers

Integrating Pelvic floor awareness into Yoga Wendy Teasdill

Preliminary Pranayama & The Viniyoga of Pranyama  with Margaret Woodley -simple breathing practices and linking breath with movement

Mudras and Bandhas with Pam Horton


 Working with Students with Anxiety and Depression

As well as being a member of the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and regularly doing their professional training I belong to the local Suffolk County Yoga Circle which runs workshops, including days by Peter Blackaby,  yoga teacher and osteopath and Bill Wood inspired and influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs (YHLB):

I have completed specialist training in Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.

A yoga research trial in 2006-2011 undertaken by York University and funded by Arthritis Research UK found that yoga is a proven method for improving back health,  helping people manage  back pain and making their lives easier.

Yoga Therapy related training:

I completed an intensive Yoga Therapy fundamentals training course with Doug Keller at Yoga Campus (The Life Centre) in London, which included common therapeutic problem areas such as backs, hips, knees, neck and shoulders.

I have also attended other workshops at the Yoga Campus Training Centre.

Other Training and retreats:

The Fundamentals of Deep Relaxation -including benefits of relaxation and techniques

The spiritual Philosophies of Yoga (The Upanishads) 

Meditation and Yoga retreat with Korko Moses at Clare Priory, Suffolk which included the philosophy of yoga as well as a mainly silent retreat

 Other Training:

Yoga for People Living with Cancer with Julie Friedeberger

Relaxation (for our well being and to relieve stress and stress- related disorders)  Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

The Heart and Cardiovascular System and Disorders  Ruth Gilmore

An Exploration of Pain-Managing Pain, Grief and Trauma  Karen Atkinson

Pregnant Women in a Mixed Ability Class  Zoe Knott- including the huge benefits of yoga in pregnancy

Why I started Yoga:

I am a great believer in the enormous benefits that yoga brings and the way it makes you feel calm and balanced in your daily life. I was drawn to it originally as a way of helping me relax when I was combining a stressful job with bringing up children.  One of the first benefits I noticed was that I began to sleep well.

I also noted a  marked improvement in my posture and, as I gained more physical and mental strength and awareness found that I had fewer headaches. I found it amazing that standing tall, relaxing my shoulders, mouth, jaw and tongue! and breathing well had such a positive effect on my well being.

Increasingly I have become aware of the richness of yoga, the benefits of quietening the mind through meditation  and the fact that yoga is so much more than a physical exercise.

Here are some of the benefits of Yoga.

Please check out my one to one and classes in the local area or contact me direct here on my web site and also Linked In

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