Developing a Home Yoga Practice

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You definitely get more out of yoga if you can do some home practice between classes, but often- even with the best intentions- life and other people get in the way.

So here are a few tips which I have found helpful if you feel like giving it a try.

Choose a time of day which works for you depending on your life style.  For example don’t feel you have to practise in the morning if you are not really a morning person. Try to always choose the same time of day, so it starts to be a habit and let other people know this is your time.

Don’t be too ambitious about the amount of practice you are going to do and start with something which is realistic for example 15 minutes twice a week.  You can always build it up if you have time.

Make sure you have all the yoga equipment you need at home -a mat, block or cushion, yoga belt -maybe an eye pillow and bolster for relaxation.

Try to have a dedicated area in your home -a corner of a room? where you do your yoga.  If  you’re lucky enough to have your own space you could make it really nice and peaceful- a candle, flowers, picture, whatever might make you want to practise there.

Doing yoga in silence can be lovely, but some people like to practise with music in the background so if that’s going to help motivate you,  try to get hold of music that you like.

Try to decide in advance what sort of practice you are going to do each week and whether there is anything you want to focus on.

Choose a few postures that are not too complicated and which you really enjoy, because then you are more likely to do them.  You could also do breathing practices, relaxation, meditation. If you keep it varied you are less likely to get bored. You can get ideas from what you do in class or ask your teacher or there are plenty of ideas online or in books -provided you are selective.

Keep a diary to jot down what you do and any thoughts because this helps you reflect on your practice and see the progress you are making.

Be kind to yourself and don’t feel guilty if you’re unable to practise one day for some reason.  Just get back to it as soon as you can.

Once you see the benefits you are getting from a home practice it’s very likely that you will want to continue!





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