Yoga for Healthy Backs

Healthy Lower Back Yoga

For individualised attention and ongoing support :  Courses  in small groups  Yoga for Healthy Lower backs

This carefully structured course, aimed at improving and maintaining a healthy lower back, was developed nationally following research by York University and has proved to be highly successful.  You learn how to safely improve posture, strength, mobility  and suppleness; reduce pain and feel less stressed and more positive.  The course is also highly beneficial for anyone benefitting from a gentle yoga practice which improves posture and movement and teaches you to relax.

Research shows that benefits are long-term; results were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine 2011.  In Autumn 2016, NICE Guidance recommended  group Yoga as a beneficial first step treatment for low back pain and sciatica.

Participants are given practices to do at home with help of the course book and relaxation CD


Sessions are taught in my yoga studio on Norwich Road, Ipswich and allow for individual support

Please contact me here  for more information or to enrol

Cost: The course is divided into two 6 week blocks. £100 for each 6 week block (which works out a £16.50 a session)

“Since attending Yoga for Lower Backs with Caroline my posture, awareness of my body, and general well being have improved significantly.  My much improved posture has been complimented on by my Nordic Walking instructor who noticed a posture decline since my diagnosis of Osteoporosis in September 2017.  Caroline is a fabulous Yoga teacher who is fully attentive and aware of your comfort at all times and I would fully recommend this course for anyone who has lower back pain or similar.” Sarah, Ipswich March 2018

After a lifetime of bad posture and habits leading to a weakened back and back pain  this course has helped my posture and Caroline has guided me through a range of carefully designed exercises which have gradually strengthened my back.  The course takes place in Caroline’s lovely yoga studio with a high level of individual support.  Exercises are well adapted to suit individual needs and capabilities.  I have been left with a comprehensive toolkit of exercises and strategies to help cope with painful back episodes and to maintain the ongoing health of my back.  I would highly recommend this course!” Heather, Melton  Feb 2018

“Caroline is a fantastic teacher. Great group, really good build up of poses and easy to remember with book. Generally back is less painful and when I have a flare up if I do the yoga routines it eases.”  Jane, August 2017

“A simple but highly effective course which targets the lower back with noticeable improvements. I am now much more flexible in my lower back and it has more strength. ” Mike S, June 2017

“I was in daily pain, which is resolved. I feel far better now compared to in August. My flexibility has increased and I feel more energised throughout the day. It’s nice not to have to be so careful (in a fearful sense) with my movements.” Stephen, November 2016

“I can now a) sleep pain free b) have been on a 9 mile walk c) enjoy dancing again.” Celia, November 2016

“Absolutely life changing. Had pretty constant back pain at start of the course.Definitely pain free now with only occasional moderate pain.  The yoga has made a huge difference- I have discharged myself from pain management clinic and cancelled back injections because it has been so much better!” Sharon August 2016

“This is a wonderful course and has been worth every penny. Caroline is an excellent teacher  and I  have looked forward to the weekly sessions. In fact doing this was one of the best decisions I have made as it has helped ensure my back can stay strong for the future.”  (David)

“The early morning daily session definitely loosens my back for the rest of the day.  Since starting yoga for backs, the warning twinges and spasms on leaning forward have stopped.  Flexibility in a full turn in the golf swing is easier (particularly helpful for the over 70s)”    BH

“After Caroline was recommended to me, I gave her a call to see if she could help. I had been off work about 6-weeks with a slipped disc and was looking to have 1-2-1 yoga to help with my rehabilitation. 

 Caroline was very informative and accommodating to my schedule; upon attending Caroline’s sessions my back has significantly improved and continues to go from strength to strength.  

If you are in two minds I would recommend that you give Caroline a call, as that is how my road to recovery began.  I am now at a stage where I no longer need to have a spinal operation due to my continued use of my chiropractor and Caroline’s yoga.  

Yoga will continue to be in my long term plan and once I am strong enough I will join one of Caroline’s group classes.”  (Amanda, Ipswich)

“I am more aware of my posture and definitely think about how I sit at work and stand. I also have more movement and flexibility and my back is less tight-  I am much more able to relax. I now feel more positive about my wellbeing” (Neil, Ipswich)

” Having a long standing lower back injury and associated pain I was looking to reduce discomfort and improve flexibility.  I chose Caroline over other Yoga classes as I felt her careful and professional approach suited my requirements.

Within the first 4 weeks I could start to feel the benefit and 3 months on my back feels great and my overall flexibility has improved.  Caroline’s caring and knowledgeable approach is welcoming to new students.  Her purpose-designed home Yoga studio is welcoming and relaxing.  I would highly recommend to beginners, sports personnel wanting to return after injury or more experienced Yoga enthusiasts.”  (Warren, Ipswich)

 “The course has helped me deal with any back pain that I get in a calm, more controlled way and I am feeling a lot less anxious and worried about my back pain coming back, especially when I am at work lifting TVs and white goods.  I feel much more relaxed knowing that if my back does hurt I can take calm measures to make it feel better with a few poses/ stretches and thinking about my breathing.  I am also a lot more aware of how I sit and stand.  I would recommend the course to fellow back pain sufferers!” (James)

“I have found a new awareness of how I hold my body. Have realised that habits need to be recognised. Mood and circumstances change my shape, so am more aware to stay neutral and in a good space. Mother’s words of, ‘Put your back into it’ no longer ring true. Becoming gentler with myself.  Have regained some lost power. Brill!”   (Brenda)

“I would say that the course so far has given me a greater awareness of my body and my back. This is something I have noticed before with yoga, but obviously I have not had a prolonged period of practice on just one specific area before so it is more obvious to me now. Although I have to admit I am not practising every day-more like every other day- and I am not working through the whole practice, what I am doing (mainly the floor work) is having an effect.  I notice that when I get out of bed in the morning I am generally not in pain and not as stiff as I used to be.  I know what I need to do to counteract lower back ache so I feel I have a tool kit of moves at my disposal.”(Sarah)


For information or  to book a place please  contact me here.

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