One To One


Sessions are usually in my yoga studio and/ or garden at 51 Westmorland Road Felixstowe IP11 9TJ

I also run gentle chair based exercises in your home to promote strength, mobility and healthy breathing

Why do one to one Yoga?

One to one sessions give you chance to have an enjoyable Yoga practice, tailored to you.

You can have a regular practice on your own or with a friend or two, at a time to suit.  People soon start to notice the benefits, particularly when combined with a short home practice.  

You can focus on what suits you, such as improving posture, strength or flexibility; developing healthy breathing; learning how to relax and reduce stress or developing yoga safely for a specific need-such as your lower back or a health condition.

This is also an excellent way of gaining a safe introduction into yoga -perhaps with a view to joining a class.  


Sessions last typically 60- 65 minutes and can include yoga postures, breathing practices and  relaxation or meditation.

One to one yoga includes:

  • an initial discussion regarding your needs, state of health and individual considerations
  • a yoga session, tailored to you.
  • a home practice sheet or video/audio, so that you can practise in your own time

from £40 for an individual, ongoing session lasting 60 minutes for 1 person or £35 by Zoom.   Payment can be cash or BACS


Sessions cancelled on the same day incur the full cost of session and 50% costs if cancelled the day before.

Please contact me for further information.

Comments about 1 to 1 yoga:

“My reasons for starting 121 yoga were to see if I would enjoy it.  Could I do it? Would it hurt like the various Pilates classes I have tried?  I could do it and without any pain at all. I enjoyed the calm and peaceful atmosphere that surrounds Caroline, her patience is limitless and she is so good at explaining things and giving extra bits of information that are so interesting.

I enjoyed every minute of my 121 sessions, the only sad bit was when I had to go home!

The benefits I have found are feelings of peace, calm and serenity which I have been able to bring into my day to day life with the help of WhatsApp things that Caroline has done for me to do at home and also a couple of meditations. 

I am so glad that I found Caroline, she teaches yoga in a way that makes you feel you can do it, you are not too old or too un-stretchy, anything is possible with her encouragement. I am looking forward to joining a couple of Caroline’s classes in September and also attending a yoga workshop and monthly meditation group.”  (Kathy, Capel St Mary, August 2020)

“I am really enjoying the Zoom sessions. Was a bit unsure, as I’ve been used to seeing you in person, but even though we can meet up now, am enjoying being able to practise at home and have you talk me through it. It’s a great use of time for me. It’s all very clear what to do do and I feel relaxed and well at the end of the sessions.  Thank you!”  (AM, Ipswich, August 2020)

‘A thoroughly enjoyable way to exercise. My husband and I have really felt a lot of benefit from our 121 sessions. We are really looking forward to participating in some more.’ (Julia, Ipswich, July 2019)

‘Work commitments frequently makes it difficult for me to commit to classes and I therefore choose to practice from home using a yoga app. I supplement this with 121 monthly sessions and find the benefits enormous. I can take any queries or requests for
assistance to Caroline. Caroline is always so supportive and helps me find alternative ways of doing things when  faced with challenges. She also gives me so much reassurance that the practice I am doing alone is not damaging in anyway. For anyone struggling to commit to regular classes I would highly recommend a regular 121 session supplemented by home practice.’ Helen, Henley, July 2019

‘As a beginner to Yoga I have found the 121 sessions very valuable. The ability to go at my own pace and check that I’m doing things properly is so much better than trying to keep up with a more experienced class. My once a week lesson is the best part of the week; it’s the only time I can truly relax and forget about life’s stresses! Thank you Caroline. Om Shanti.’ David, Ipswich, July 2019

“I started yoga to help with long standing back problems. I now have a better awareness of posture-small changes make a big difference.  I am able to relax and ‘turn off’ back muscles when not needed-still work in progress but improving! Excellent course and yoga teacher. Caroline is friendly and knowledgeable -would definitely recommend to others  Will definitely be continuing with my yoga practice.” Lisa, Kesgrave, July 2019

“I have had four sessions and already feel I can bend more easily. I have learned many movements to ease backache and strengthen my legs. I found the 121 sessions a gentle way to ease myself into yoga.  It has restored my confidence that I am able to do it.” Marilyn, Martlesham (December 2018)

“Wanted an introduction to restorative yoga and some ‘me time’.  Felt very relaxed and energised after the sessions, which stayed with me for the rest of the day. Sessions were prefectly tailored to my needs.”  Helen, Ipswich (November 2018)

“Came to de-stress and become more flexible and agile.  My class is very geared to my individual needs and level which gives me confidence to continue weekly.”Dominic (November 2018)

“Came to 121 yoga to learn to relax, help with bad back, regain flexibility and mindfulness.  Have regained sleep, understood how tense I was, how breathing relaxes you and am starting to regain flexibility in places that were stiff. It’s amazing to understand how to relax, how to work on specific muscles and how enjoyable it is to have a very relaxed and calming session.”  Jayne & Joe (November 2018)

“Aged 71 I had never done yoga before,  had some physical restrictions and wanted to know if I could do it.  Caroline has been excellent at adapting and suggesting suitable moves and yoga practice which takes into account my arthritis and hip replacement   restrictions.  She has given me exercises I can do at home.  Yoga has made me more supple and relaxed.”  Jen (October 2018)

“We came to 121 yoga as a couple for recovery from cardiac surgery and general fitness and flexibility. Benefits we have found include improved flexibility,  faster recovery, increased strength and relaxation. Very enjoyable classes, well planned and effective.  Recommended!” A-M & W G (Ipswich, August 2018)

“I would say the 121 yoga classes are the best thing I have ever done. To have classes totally tailored to my needs is exactly what I was looking for. I have a knee problem and needed the 121 care from Caroline to help me gain more movement and flexibility. The benefits are more than this though. It’s good for mind and body and gives a complete feeling of calm and to be grounded in each moment with each breath. Thank you for your patience and support.” (Cherrie, Ipswich July 2018)

“We have tried classes before and they did not help us in the way we wanted; the one to one yoga with Caroline could not be more highly recommended as it is tailored around your abilities and how you feel. As a couple our strength and flexibility have improved and this has helped so much in our daily life. There are no size or health limitations with Caroline as she can tailor to all needs”  (Andy and Becky, Ipswich April 2018)  

“My much improved posture has been complimented on by my Nordic Walking instructor who noticed a posture decline since my diagnosis of Osteoporosis in September 2017.  Caroline is a fabulous Yoga teacher who is fully attentive and aware of your comfort at all times.”  (Sarah, Ipswich March 2018)

“I have no hesitation in recommending your yoga teaching.  I decided in my late 70’s that I should take up yoga to combat the general loss of movement and flexibility which comes naturally with the ageing process.Within three months of commencing lessons with Caroline I find a great improvement in all-round flexibility and general feeling of wellbeing ” (CH & CH, Washbrook December 2017) 

“Having individual yoga sessions with Caroline has enabled me to work towards perfecting both my technique and my breathing. Her studio is a relaxed and informal space, and somewhere where it is easy to concentrate on the moves and relax during meditation. Caroline is an excellent teacher and very encouraging. I am a very busy person and the sessions have allowed me to take time out for myself and I have started to feel the benefits in both mind and body. “ (CC, Ipswich, February 2017)

“I sought out Caroline for 1:1 yoga classes as I had not done any real exercise for years and wanted to start gently.  Caroline is an excellent teacher taking great care to make sure all moves are carefully coordinated and appropriate for my needs.  Caroline has a charming yoga studio with plenty of equipment and I managed to make great progress in just 4 weeks. I have been inspired to continue and look forward to greater flexibility, strength and calm in my life. Highly recommended.” (Helen, Capel St Mary October 2016)

“I have had a number of weekly 1:1 sessions with Caroline and have noticed that my knee and back problems have improved as well as general flexibility, posture, balance and strength. The sessions have been really enjoyable. Caroline is an excellent teacher, calm,  positive and encouraging. I feel a lot more knowledgeable about what my body is capable of and am now looking forward to joining one of Caroline’s yoga classes.

The room where the 1:1 yoga takes place is like a  lovely retreat! Very calm and relaxing so you can really focus on yourself and your breathing. I look forward to each session and come away feeling great! ” (Sue, Ipswich June 2016)

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful yoga session you gave me this morning, the impact of which has been amazing. I felt it was hugely constructive and helpful, and has motivated me to work out a new daily exercise routine for my shoulders. Feeling so much stronger and balanced physically,  thank you for enabling me to enjoy life to the full.” (KNT Ipswich May 2016)

“For my 60th birthday I was given 4 one-to-one sessions with Caroline.  I had practised yoga in a class environment some years ago but was not confident that I was doing the postures correctly. Therefore I was very happy to get individual tuition from Caroline who I found very calming, caring and professional. From the outset she took time to find out about me and what I wanted from each session. 

Caroline clearly explained all positions and gave an insight into the background and philosophy of yoga. I found the sessions relaxing yet strangely energising and look forward to working with Caroline again in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday present – thank you Caroline! ” (Rosalie, May 2016 )

“Caroline has the ability to adjust the yoga techniques to suit two OAPs with no previous experience. We have found her calm approach to our abilities very reassuring and have never felt overwhelmed. The range of gentle exercises has helped us be much more aware of our posture in our daily lives and is helping with aches and pains. Caroline has given us a range of yoga exercises to do if we have backache and these have been helpful.
We enjoy visiting her studio-  it is a calm and relaxing space.” (Valerie and Richard Feb 2016)

“I have complex health issues and not found one exercise in ten years, that I’ve been able to partake in without injuring myself. Caroline came highly recommended.  She showed great interest in getting to know my issues and what I felt were my biggest problem areas. A couple of 1:2:1 sessions before joining a class gave me the time to work within safe limits and learn what wouldn’t trigger pain, and I was able to ask lots of questions. One thing that stood out for me was: when Caroline told me that I was the expert on me and my body! That changed my entire outlook on my body and my limitations, and gave me permission to be kinder to myself, not to push myself into positions that cause pain…….and not to push myself so hard in everyday life. I have felt a shift to a more positive mood. I’ve finally found something that I absolutely love doing which enables me to exercise safely, feel more energised and sleep better at night. I’ve also found an amazing yoga teacher in Caroline and I cannot recommend her enough!” (Carol, Feb 2016)

“……benefits of a weekly yoga session are huge! It has given me the confidence to uncurl and walk proudly again. The effects on breathing and mindfulness that, at first, seem so small are immense in this busy hamster wheel we call life!  I can feel physical changes in my mobility and balance. It is great value for money and I wouldn’t give it up for anything……what a find….thank you Caroline.. ” (SJS Ipswich  60 year old yoga beginner )

“I have increased confidence in myself and my relationship with my body, including  my body’s ability to move and balance. I am more aware of my posture and can come back into my body using the techniques I have learned.  Caroline has a calm, relaxed manner and creates a safe, trustworthy environment in which to practise.”  (Claire)

“I opted for one to one sessions  so that I would be able to do them by myself and know if I was doing them correctly. Caroline is clear and concise with her instructions at the same time her voice has a soothing effect which all blends to make the session calming and at the same time energising.

After my yoga session I feel as if my muscles have been warmed, stretched and plumped up and my back feels wider in some way. I walk to my session and can really notice the difference in how I feel going home, my body is lighter, I walk more upright and feel really well and positive.” (Sue, Ipswich)

“With our clients it’s not so much the comments that come from them it’s more about their eagerness to attend your session.  Usually everyone has to be reminded to finish their lunch on time but with your group everyone has changed and has helped to get the room ready in time. 

Some clients are reluctant to try anything new and will usually vote with their feet as to whether they like the session or not, I think it speaks volumes that nobody has dropped out of the session and always seem happy to partake in itMaria and Simone have both said that the session works really well and everyone seems really relaxed at the end of it.   (Alison, Papworth Trust, Ipswich )

Please contact me for further information.


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