Beginners /Gentle Yoga

Tower Hall Rushmere St Andrew IP4 5SU 11.15-12.35pm  Tuesdays mornings

This class is particularly suitable for beginners or anyone benefitting from a  gentler practice

Dates: Weekly

I take you safely through gentle, mindful movements, with suggestions for modifications if need be.  Suitable for anyone who is new to yoga or who would benefit from a carefully structured practice to promote mobility & flexibility, better balance, strength, general well being  and peace of mind.

Please bring a mat and blanket for the relaxation

Cost/Payment: Tower Hall: £50 for a block of 5X 80 minute classes.  ‘Drop in’/individual  sessions  on request Payment by BACS or cash.


I really do feel I get an awful lot from the class and it has taken me many years to find a class that meet my needs so well. (GH December 2021)

‘I have osteoporosis and need to keep strong and flexible. I enjoy your yoga class and appreciate the fact that you know each person’s ‘weakness’ and adapt for them accordingly.’ (Pauline, Ipswich, July 2019)

‘I do yoga to improve balance, flexibility, muscle strength and posture. I can almost kneel again, I can get up from the floor with greater ease, my posture has improved. The class is ideal for those of us who have stiffened up over the years.  The yoga is gentle and relaxing, but still very effective.’ (Marilyn, Kesgrave, July 2019)

‘Caroline is a brilliant teacher, really intuitive to everyone’s needs and abilites.  Clear instruction and demonstrations and always offers an alternative if movement is difficult.’ (Jane,Ufford, July 2019)

‘I like the relaxed atmosphere, calm voice, music and peacefulness.’ (Anne, Kegrave, July 2019)

‘I have returned to yoga after a long break of over 20 years.  Caroline has made me feel extremely welcome.   Her yoga class is very relaxing and friendly and Caroline spends time on ‘yoga breathing’ which helps one relax, also gentle stretching and balancing.   One is so busy nowadays that it’s easy not to give oneself the time they deserve.  I am already benefitting from Caroline’s yoga classes, sleeping better, feeling more relaxed and supple.’ (Sue, Tower Hall, March 2018)

‘There is an old saying that to be successful in life or sport you should find yourself a good teacher or coach. Yoga is new to me, but I can highly recommend Caroline.’   (Bobby Ferguson, Ipswich Town FC Manager 1982-87,  October 2016)

‘I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks for being such an amazing yoga teacher! I truly believe that my yoga journey is happening so wonderfully and I’m progressing so nicely, because I’ve found such a wonderful teacher! I know that it’s really important to find someone that you can connect with in order to stick at something and really progress. I’m really loving my yoga and I’m seeing a huge array of benefits, so much so, that I’m now off of my anti depressants :-)’ (CD  April 2016)

‘Definitely notice more flexibility in movements. Each session leaves you feeling calmer and relaxed.  Yoga is beneficial for everyone (men and women alike). Caroline is very considerate to all abilites and her calm approach gives you the confidence to carry out exercises to your ability.’  (Usha and Mukesh) 

For information or  to enrol please  contact me here.

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