Yoga at Ipswich Hospital Tuesday evenings

Physiotherapy Gym 

Caroline Glason (BA Hons, BWY Dip)

Tuesdays 6pm to 7.15pm 

 Dates:  Classes are currently suspended 

Location of classes:

Classes are in the physiotherapy gym on ground floor –  through Entrance 5 of  hospital marked Rheumatology and Bone Density to the right of the entrance to South wards.  Go through Entrance 5,  ignore reception desk at entrance and walk down the short corridor to the Physiotherapy reception desk at the end; the physiotherapy (therapies) gym is next to this. There is a sign on wall and door to gym.

Description of classes:

Classes include yoga exercises/postures (asana), breathing practices (pranayama) and relaxation.   Classes are suitable for all abilities including beginners.  Yoga is an individual practice and non competitive, which makes it enjoyable and relaxing.

What to bring/wear:

Please wear comfortable clothes for stretching in yoga asanas.  No special footwear is needed as yoga is traditionally done barefoot.  Mats are available for class use, courtesy of the physiotherapy department, (please uses disinfectant wipes to clean before and after use) but you might prefer to bring your own non slip (yoga) mat and blanket or warm clothing for the final relaxation.

Comments about Hospital Yoga 

“This was great! I can tell the postures I haven’t done in a while. Video demos are helpful and I like the thoughts to set our practice.” Lucy, 04/20

“Lovely stretches, Caroline. Some I hadn’t done before.” JG 06/20

“I am really enjoying everything you send us.  I like the fact that I can do the practice at a time that suits me.” MR 05/20

“Yoga helps  me maintain and improve flexibility, balance and general well being and reduce levels of stress.” WG  August 2019

“I am finding it extremely helpful as it is really improving my flexibility  particularly in my hips.  No longer any problems with my lower back !!”  VH (July 2018)

“I really enjoy your yoga classes and appreciate the other aspects of yoga and yogic philosophy you offer -pitched at a suitably introductory level which enhance the yoga practice and, as with the posture options you give us, is said very much in a way that we can choose to try it or not. The practice each week is really beneficial, to the point that I sometimes feel it is aimed solely towards my needs (although in reality I know isn’t!). It helps me mentally throughout the week, and physically – my back, shoulders and digestive system all benefit.” Lucy (December 2017)

“The friendly yoga class at the hospital is something I look forward to every week. I enjoy the non-competitive structure of yoga and the choice you have to do simple or advanced practice within the class. I have regularly attended yoga sessions for nearly 4 years and feel that I have personally experienced a number of benefits. I have increased flexibility, suppleness and core strength. I am also calmer and less stressed than I used to be and sleep a lot better too.  The quiet calm environment is a stark contrast to my busy day and it is wonderful to enjoy stretching, moving and relaxation with others to keep my work life balance in check!” (Katie, November 2016)

“I do yoga to increase my flexibility, it calms my mind and makes the world seem less frantic. It makes me mindful of what I am doing and I always feel happier and more relaxed after a yoga session. I have a yoga mat at home which doesn’t get as much use as it should! and that is why coming to a regular class is so important.” (Mary)

“I decided to join a yoga class to improve my flexibility, core strength and breathing. After only four sessions, I have already achieved some noticeable improvements in these areas. The sessions are well-paced with a gentle but focused stretch and warm-up, followed by more invigorating moves, stretches and holds with a focus on controlled breathing. With varying ages and abilities in the group, Caroline encourages a minimum stretch for novices and a deeper stretch for advanced participants. Sessions end with a relaxing cooling-off and wind-down period.

I was surprised at how quickly the yoga improved the way I walk; I feel that I walk with more confidence and a more upright posture and even feel taller. Improved control of my breathing enables me to deal with stressful situations at work more effectively. ” (Adam)

  “I love my yoga sessions and really notice if I miss a week, both in my mind and in my body. The stretches are helpful to my posture and shoulder injury and I apply the mindfulness techniques when I feel hectic at work.  I think the relaxation techniques are great – I have not had a night when I have not been able to sleep since starting yoga!”  (Lucy )

“Really helpful for work life balance.  It has reduced my blood pressure and kept me at work.  I noticed the benefits within 3 weeks and am definitely more supple.” (Ellie )

“My posture is much better, improvement in lower back pain, marked improvement in suppleness and ability to stretch. Thoroughly enjoyable. Look forward to it each week.  Only regular exercise I have stuck with without getting bored.  Am able to do the stretches and relaxation at home.”  (Elaine) BP)

“The relaxing and breathing (which I was previously unaware of ) are enjoyable and useful.  I was always extremely round shouldered- being aware of how I hold myself has improved my posture. Wearing high heeled shoes made me have my weight on the balls of my feet, but I now know how to stand and spread the weight  evenly.   I also used to have a lot of headaches, especially after long journeys, but knowing how to relax my shoulders and sit evenly has completely stopped my headaches.”  (Denise )

Cost /Payment:

£54 for a block of 6 classes  or £10 for individual, drop in sessions. Discount available for NHS employees.  Payment can be BACS, cheque or cash.

Further Information:

If there is anything you would like to know or to reserve a place you can contact me here

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