Yoga at Tower Hall, Rushmere St Andrew Tuesday mornings

5 Broadlands Way Rushmere St Andrew IP4 5SU

Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.50am & 11.15 -12.35pm Both classes suitable for all levels, but the second class is particularly suitable for beginners or anyone benefitting from a gentler practice

Dates: Weekly 

For more info or to book please  contact me here.

The Venue, Tower Hall: A  clean, spacious and airy modern hall with underfloor heating.  Plenty of parking

Classes include yoga exercises/postures (asana) to develop strength and fexibility, breathing practices (pranayama) and relaxation.   Classes are varied; you can develop yoga at your own pace and constantly discover and explore new practices with suggestions for modifications where needed or ways of progressing.

The first Tuesday of each month includes an extended relaxation/Yoga Nidra  which I talk you through, using a range of  approaches. For this session please bring an extra blanket, cushion/s  and/or anything you need to be comfortable.

The benefits of relaxation (or resting deeply) are tremendous. During relaxation the parasympathetic nervous system is activated which calms body and mind. Relaxation  – from the Latin ‘religare’: ‘to set free’ is a state in which there is no effort.  It is an antidote to stress which can cause and aggravate so many conditions: insomnia, IBS, high blood pressure, anxiety, headaches etc.

What to bring/wear for classes:

Comfortable clothes for stretching in yoga asanas and please bring a non slip mat and blanket or warm clothing for the final relaxation, as well as water  (Extra blanket, cushions/bolster etc are advised for the 1st class of every month-see above)

Yoga is traditionally practised without shoes.

Feedback about Tower Hall yoga:

“I really enjoyed this morning’s class. It was especially good after I had sat in the car for so many hours coming home from holiday yesterday! I’m really enjoying the more meditative side of yoga and learning the new ‘language’. Thanks for making the classes so enjoyable and informative. (Marion, May 2022)

“Thank you for the session yesterday morning.  With the doors open, the wonderful sound of birdsong and your yoga class -a fabulous way to start what turned out to be my busiest day since Covid.”  (Val, Ipswich, June 2021)

“I just wanted to say how beautiful this morning’s practice was. It was so lovely to experience the theme of gratitude & gratefulness.  

It’s left me with a lovely feeling where I’ve had the mindset to come home & declutter a bit rather than keep holding onto things, which has been very beneficial & cleansing.

I thought you would appreciate some positive feedback and some information on how the benefits of your yoga class actually extend beyond the actual practice. Thank you so much.”  Rosie, Rushmere St Andrew, June 21

“We loved your class today. Great postures and the best of relaxations. We can listen to your voice and the instructions are perfect. A lovely class. Will be signing up for more.” Helen & Mark, Ipswich, Nov 2020

‘Thank you Caroline, another very enjoyable practcie.  It’s as if you know when my shoulder blades aren’t in my back or my chest isn’t open. It’s very reassuring to hear your voice each week.’  NC 05/20

‘Thanks Caroline. Toes and feet have had a good stretch and I love hamstring stretches. I need to improve on warrior 3 as I was losing my balance.  Must try harder- but I kept smiling!’ VV  06/20

‘Caroline is a professional yoga teacher who is passionate about her subject. I love the fact that she is very attentive to personal needs and capabilities, and always advises on the safe way to practice. Caroline’s yoga lessons are inspirational and there is always something new at each class. As a person who has been attending different yoga lessons for several years, I can see that Caroline prepares thoroughly, the practice is systematical and never random. I like the fact that Caroline is constantly learning something new and sharing it with those who attend her classes. Thank you so much, it is a pleasure to practice yoga with you.’ Ekaterina, Ipswich, August 2019

‘Classes are always friendly. Caroline is well-informed, reliable and punctual.  I feel comfortable in the classes and yoga keeps my back from ‘siezing up’!(Teresa, July 2019)

‘My joints are much more flexible now; my back more supple, my knees are much better too. This is the first yoga class where I have felt confident to try new movements without ‘hurting’ my body.  I really love my Tuesday yoga.’ (Jill July 2019) 

‘In October it will be 9 years since I joined Caroline’s yoga class.  I am a week away from my 70th birthday, have two knee replacements but consider yoga to have been very beneficial to my overall fitness. Caroline adapts positions to suit my needs.’ (Valerie, Rushmere, July 2019)

‘I really enjoy coming to the classes for mental and physical health.’  (Wendy, July 2019) 

‘I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks for being such an amazing yoga teacher! I truly believe that my yoga journey is happening so wonderfully and I’m progressing so nicely, because I’ve found such a wonderful teacher! I know that it’s really important to find someone that you can connect with in order to stick at something and really progress. I’m really loving my yoga and I’m seeing a huge array of benefits, so much so, that I’m now off of my anti depressants :-)’ (CD  April 2016)

“I am much calmer and relaxed. Find it easier to sleep.  I am learning how to help myself with stretches when I have overexerted myself or have minor injuries.  I really enjoy the class -it is fun and relaxing and we ‘do’ yoga -we are not side tracked into being a social club.  The relaxation is really good-it’s a great luxury being told to relax each week.” (Marian) 

‘I decided to start yoga after being diagnosed with MS when my physiotherapist  suggested I needed exercises to stretch my legs and keep my muscles from getting too tight. I have found yoga life changing; it does this and more. Caroline’s class works you at your own ability so you only do what is comfortable, most importantly you feel under control over how much you allow your body to do. You don’t need lots of energy to participate which for MS can be an issue. I also love the meditation and breathing exercises as stress and being relaxed is very important. Finally because you only need a mat and some floor space it’s something that’s been so easy to incorporate into my daily life. Many thanks to you Caroline.’ (Jo)

‘Benefits include a definite sense of relaxation and well being following the class and an increased awareness of my body and my limitations and knowledge to work within these limitations.  Caroline teaches in a clear and relaxed way, giving us choices as to how far we go with movements and postures, encouraging self awareness throughout the class.’ (Mary)

Cost of classes/ Payment :

£50 for a block of 5  (90 minute) classes.  Individual/’drop in’ sessions available by request @ £12.  Payment can be by BACS or cash.

If you have a query or to enrol please contact mere.

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