Weekend Yoga Workshops

Weekend  Yoga Workshops:  

For anyone who would like time to themselves in a relaxing setting, with chance to explore and practise yoga for longer than the usual class allows.  Yoga postures, breathing practices,  relaxation and meditation.  Suitable for all abilities.

‘Find a quiet retreat for the practice of yoga, sheltered from the wind, level and clean, free from rubbish, smouldering fires and ugliness and where the sound of water and beauty of the place help thought and contemplation.’ (Setasvatara Uanishad)

  • Please book in advance and bring a mat, blanket etc Refreshments are provided

 Forthcoming Dates:  Please book in advance 

Saturday July 31st 2021 1.30pm to 5.00pm £40 Yoga relaxation & Meditation retreat.  Come and relax and de-stress with yoga in a peaceful outdoor, country garden setting.  Includes a 30 minute break with refreshments :  cold and hot drinks and delicious homemade cake and scones with jam, including vegan and gluten free  Monk Soham IP13 7EN   (This event was held last summer in the same setting and was highly popular and very well attended)

Small group practices in Felixstowe, 51 Westmorland Road  IP11 9TJ.( Sessions are in my yoga studio which opens into the garden, so according to preference and weather, we can have at least part of the practice outdoors. )    £30 each :

 Yoga for Anxiety and Worry  Saturday July 10th 10am to 1pm Stress is an underlying cause of many conditions including IBS, headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure. Come along to a morning of yoga practices to quieten the chattering mind and rediscover comfort and calm. “Yoga is the stilling of the restless fluctuations of the mind.”Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

 Yoga for Digestive Health Saturday August 14th 10am to 1pm In today’s busy world so many of us suffer from poor digestion. A relaxing morning of practices to improve digestion and aid gut health

  • Yoga for Gratitude and Contentment Saturday September 4th 10am to 1pm cultivating feelings of being grateful and happy, so you go away feeling positive and well

Comments about weekend yoga:

“I love the relaxation and slow pace at the weekends after a busy week.  It helps me to focus knowing I have plenty of time ahead. The healing technique was total bliss and unexpected (in a nice way). I shall try it out with like-minded friends.” (Ellie, Ipswich, October 2019 : Yoga & Healing for a balanced body and mind)

“Once again Yoga helped me to de-stress after yet another manic week, with not enough hours to do all the work required. Please count me in for the next one.” (Christina, July 2019: A Morning of Yoga to energise the body and clear the mind.)

“The size of hall, car park and number attending was perfect, Saturday was a lovely, quiet, calm morning.  Thank you very much.”  (Marion, November 2018: Finding more Joy Cultivating Contentment)

“It was a really friendly group, a nice hall and most importantly a great teacher. I found it really relaxing and especially enjoyed your quotations, which were very thought provoking.” (Kay, Ipswich November 2108: Finding more Joy- Cultivating Contentment)

“I found it really useful and felt so calm afterwards. The relaxation technique that you used with focusing on different parts of the body really let me relax, something that I find very difficult “ (Jane, Ipswich March 2018: ‘Yoga to Balance body, Mind and Energy’)

“Thank you for the Workshop on Saturday (Yoga for Healthy Ageing) which was very enjoyable and informative, and has encouraged me to take more care with posture and to concentrate more on weight bearing exercises!” (MM)

” A chance to empty worries from the mind whilst increasing flexibility.” (Val)

“I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic yoga and meditation session you ran today.  It  was absolutely wonderful.   I arrived with a headache and very tense aching shoulders, as well as feeling very tired.  And I came home, refreshed, head and shoulder ache free, and feeling incredibly calm, positive and relaxed.” (Katy)

“I very much enjoy the Saturday morning sessions.  The longer period of time helps me to really explore and understand the yoga moves in more detail.  You usually give a little background and history which I find really interesting i.e. that Yoga was used as a method for warriors/soldiers to keep fit.  I love things that challenge my assumptions.  It may seem that 2 1/2 to 3 hours is a long time to commit, but each time I am amazed how quickly the time goes, a sure sign of how much I enjoy the sessions. Thank you.” (Debbie)

“I really enjoy having the extra time to explore yoga practice more fully on a Saturday. It leaves me with a feeling of ‘well-ness’ for the rest of the day. You can also apply the understanding you get from a Saturday to your weekly classes, which enhances them too.”  (Lucy )

   Please  contact me  to book a place or for further information  

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