Zoom Yoga Classes

Zoom classes: 

  • Mondays 7.30-8.50pm :  Evening yoga to de-stress and unwind and help you sleep well. Includes yoga poses and movement, restorative practices using simple props and relaxation (this is a more restorative class than Wednesday’s)
  • Wednesdays 7.30-8.45pm A general yoga class -movement, breathing practices and relaxation. Suitable for people with experience of yoga
  • Thursdays 10am to 11.15am Yoga for all abilities
  • Cost: £9 per class; £40 for 5 classes; £48 for unlimited access for 5 weeks (15 classes)

For information or  to enrol please  contact me here.


Thank you so much for your fantastic yoga classes this year. It is great that the classes include positive thinking, meditation, relaxation and are often based around a theme. (Emma, December 2021)

Thank you for making all the classes so enjoyable, I look forward to the quotes you read to us! Yoga breathing has helped so much with my ups and downs during 2021. (KW, Zoom and weekend yoga, December 2021)

Just to say how much I enjoyed the yoga session tonight, as I think we all did. It generated energy at the beginning and then sent us all into good relaxation; very cleverly put together.”  (EG, Monday evening Zoom yoga, June 2021)

“Thank you again for all the wonderfully restorative sessions so far.  They have been an absolute treat of calm, relaxation and benefit.” (Carole, Monday evening restorative class to de-stress and unwind, Zoom June 2021)

“I want to continue yoga as it helps enormously with my back problem.”  (Trevor, Thursday morning Zoom, June 2021)

“After spending a few months trying to follow online yoga videos during 2020 I found myself really enjoying the way it made me feel.  But what I felt I lacked was being in a class environment where I could learn more about the practice under the guidance of an experienced yoga instructor.

I had a look online for yoga instructors and found Caroline who would normally teach quite close to where I live.   In lockdown once again Caroline was delivering her classes online via ‘Zoom’.   Unsure of how I felt about this I arranged a one-to-one lesson with Caroline to meet with her but also to find out what I’m comfortable doing and which class I should attend. As a beginner I didn’t want to find myself out of my depth and not enjoying the practice.

I joined that same week via Zoom the general & beginners’ class which I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn’t need to worry about being out of my depth as Caroline is always reminding us that it’s not a competition and to only do what feels right for our body. Caroline also spends time on breathing exercises during the lesson which for me is just as important as the physical movement of yoga.

I now join as many classes online as I can each week and through Zoom am able to only see Caroline on my screen which feels like my own private lesson with her.

I am so surprised at how much I enjoy the online lessons that I have asked Caroline if she is able to continue after lockdown eases. Perhaps a blend of the two would be a lovely option to have if at all possible.

If anyone is thinking about trying Yoga with Caroline just give it a go, even if like me you’re a beginner.  It really has been a pleasant surprise how enjoyable the classes are online.”  (Erica, Ipswich, February  2021)

‘Thank you for another great practice last night Caroline.  I’m really enjoying the variations to our practice.  I’m still being challenged, which for me is a good thing.’ (Jamie, January 2021, Wednesday evening class)

‘Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the class last night and had a good night’s sleep which was badly needed.’ (Elizabeth, January 21, Monday evening class)

‘I would just like to say how much I am enjoying the Zoom yoga classes. I feel already much more positive after the lovely stretches.  It is really giving me much more energy.  Thank you! ‘ (Jo, January 21)

‘Your classes this week have been great. The quality of my sleep on Monday night was amazing.’ (Helen, January 21)

‘A lovely class thank you and no problems with Zoom.  You were very clear and I could follow easily.’  (Julie, January 21, Tuesday morning class) 

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