Making Excuses

Making Excuses 2

“It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?” ~Henry David Thoreau

People often come to yoga classes for a specific reason-perhaps a health related condition they want to improve such as lower back pain, anxiety or insomnia.  Yoga is great for alleviating all of these.

After a little while people  typically start to feel a bit better- so much so that they think they are ‘cured’ and stop practising yoga or committing to a regular yoga class.

In my view though it doesn’t really work like that. Yes yoga helps all sorts of conditions but you have to keep it going or you start to lose the benefits you gained,  as well as that lovely feeling of being in balance physically, mentally and  emotionally; energised, relaxed and well.  Then unfortunately you seem to  go back to square one.

I suppose it is a lot to do with setting priorities,which is hard to do if  we feel short of time.

I read somewhere that time  is spent according to the choices we make. Countless things demand our attention and we feel as if they are all urgent and have to be done immediately which makes it  hard to prioritise what is really  important.

In the summer a common excuse for not doing yoga is having to do the garden! Sometimes people contact me  saying they  have to put their regular  yoga class on hold because they have so much gardening to do.  But actually without  yoga the back is likely to suffer; flexibility is likely to reduce;  energy and motivation levels slump and these adversely affect the ability to garden.. and to continue gardening for many years hence.  So surely that doesn’t make sense.

We all have so many demands on our time and energy, but perhaps  we need to sit down, pause and work out what is really important to us.  For me a top priority is feeling calm and relaxed and ageing well.

So I am making  a bid for keeping yoga going throughout the summer and throughout your life.  In fact if you have already experienced some of the many benefits of practising yoga, why would you want to stop?

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