Out of Balance? What me?


We talk about life being a ‘balancing act’ and tend to recognise the importance of having ‘balance’ in our lives-  for example the right mixture of work, home life and time to ourselves.

Yoga is all about balance, such as bringing the body into balance which includes developing a practice with a healthy combination of different movements, stretching and strengthening and working on each side of the body equally.

However it is also important for our wellbeing not just to feel physically healthy, but also to feel balanced mentally and emotionally.

I have just attended an excellent workshop on Helping Anxiety and Depression with Yoga by the wonderfully practical Amarajyoti, in which she touched upon energy levels and the importance of feeling balanced.  She explained that, if we are feeling anxious, we are likely to have high energy which is scattered and unfocussed and, if we are feeling depressed, we are likely to have low energy levels and poor motivation.

We may have got into patterns of behaviour in life which actually emphasise and reinforce our state of mind when actually it would be more helpful to stand back, observe and reflect on how we are feeling and then try to initiate a change.  After all we are more than our thoughts, feelings and behaviour and with time and patience we can make changes.

Regarding yoga, if we are feeling anxious, we may find it hard to settle and might be drawn towards a strong, fast, vigorous physical practice.  However we are likely to benefit more from grounding and steadying movements and breathing practices which calm us and slow us down, helping us to feel less fearful and more in control.  Similarly if we are feeling low and depressed we are likely to benefit from practices which are more energising, dynamic and less introspective-even though these may feel alien to us and  out of our comfort zone.

Autumn-season of change, when the air element is predominant and when we might feel a bit imbalanced- is a good time to reflect on the concept of  balance.

With this in mind perhaps as October approaches we should try to stand back,  observe our body and state of mind with kindness, compassion and curiosity and start to adjust our life style to suit us- making some changes to help us feel more balanced.






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