Stepping out of our Comfort Zone

This week I had an experience which I was not looking forward to and which took me out of my comfort zone.

I had made up my mind a few weeks ago that I should start to embrace new technology a bit more and look into using video to impart information about yoga – including on my website- but had very little idea how to go about it and wasn’t happy about being in front of a camera.

However on Friday the excellent Anne Gould of Workingwordzmedia spent the day with me, patiently explaining the process- resulting in a first video for my website. (The result is at the end of this blog!)

Well I have to say it was a really enjoyable day and yet I had been very apprehensive about it and had even contemplated cancelling with some half- baked excuse! At the end of the day  I had a real feeling of personal achievement because I’d learned something new and expanded my horizons.

It was such a good feeling!

It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and be fearful about trying new experiences.

Yoga can be a tool for stepping out of our comfort zone, as it provides  a wealth of creative possibilities  –  lots of postures which can be developed in different ways and other practices to explore such as breathing, chanting, relaxation and meditation.

In our home practice we can experiment with new approaches and aim to be more open to those practices which we don’t enjoy or haven’t done before.  We tend to dislike things we are not so good at, so we can try to be less judgemental and resist telling ourselves we are no good at something: balancing, back bends or whatever it might be. We can even make a seemingly tiny change by laying down our mat in a different part of the room when we attend our regular yoga class.

The more small changes we make in our  yoga practice, the easier it is likely to be to make changes in our lives.

In yogic philosophy there is a belief that self improvement is always possible.  One of the aims of yoga is to move away from tamas (darkness, inertia and delusion) and  rajas (action and ambition) towards sattvic harmony and clarity, so that we feel calmer and more at ease with ourselves and life and less fearful.

If we never step out of our comfort zone we miss out on life and the opportunity for self development.



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